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" The Perfect Machine!"

DAMS Quality in 8 Languages

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Your Dream Machine Is Now Real

Our dreams have no limits! We work harder every day with our expert and experienced team to do everything we can imagine.

DAMS Quality

"Seit unserer Gründung in Kemalpaşa, Izmir, bieten wir weltweit nur Exzellenz mit dem Anspruch an, seitdem wir gegründet wurden.

Wir produzieren:

Teigverarbeitungs- und Formmaschinen
Horizontale Verpackungsmaschinen
Eiwaschmaschinen und Sesamstreuer
Kühl- und Fermentierungstürme
Speziell nach Bedarf gestaltete Maschinen
Neben den von uns hergestellten Maschinen bieten wir auch Ersatzteile, Verbrauchsmaterialien und Service für ähnliche Maschinen in unserer Branche an.

Stellen Sie sich vor, und wir entwerfen es für Sie."

Since the day we were founded, in Izmir Kemalpaşa, we have always been offering only perfection all over the world, with the aim of Dough Processing, Shaping, Horizontal Packaging, Bread Cutting (Splitting), Egging, Sesame, Cooling Tower, Fermentation Tower, Product Transport Conveyors, Special on Demand. We produce Design Machines.
100% Customer Satisfaction
Honest and Transparent Customer Relations
Disciplined and Systematic Work
Expertise That Makes a Difference
Innovative Perspective
Our Vision
To become a world brand by carrying the "Perfect Machinery" target, which we have successfully implemented in the country, abroad.
DAMS Machine; Using developing and up-to-date technologies, we develop and produce products that always exceed customer expectations, can be customized according to need, and place occupational safety at the center, and provide after-sales service.
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