Facilities of the Tower DSKA-25

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Facilities of the Tower
The most efficient use of the physical space;

This system, also called spiral conveyor, is the type of conveyor used for cooling products, transporting them to different heights and saving space.

It is used in pharmaceutical, printing, logistics, food and similar sectors.

Conveyor, belt type-width, diameter and number of floors are determined according to the product, purpose and capacity to be used.

In addition to normal cooling, this system is used in certain arrangements for the freezing of bakery products and meat-containing products.

It is a system that saves energy, space and time in fermentation, freezing and cooling storage.

The conveyor system is designed by considering the product size and production capacity and produced according to the needs.

The manufactured conveyor is installed in the area where it will be operated. Appropriate (cold weather and similar) band selection is made.

It saves time, labor and energy compared to room type applications in fermentation, freezing and cooling processes.

The tension of the bands is adjusted automatically.

With the spiral conveyor, a very wide line is created in a narrow space in accordance with the product dimensions, usage area and capacity.

Minimum space, optimum usage area

Maximum energy savings

Maximum efficiency

Continuous operation

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